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6 Feb

5 best landscapes to enjoy the snow in Asturias

Asturias with snow: The best landscapes

Asturias with snow, natural paradise always, but with snow even more. These winter days are noticed in Asturias, another way to enjoy is admiring its best landscapes with snow, a view totally postal.

Imagine enjoying for a few days in the following places, which in addition to spectacular have a special light.

SOTRES: Paradise for mountaineers, hikers and nature lovers in general. Sotres is located at an altitude of 1,050 m, so it is easy to snow in winter as temperatures plummet.
From Poncebos Bridge, in the Council of Cabrales, we ascend a winding road and in about 15 km we will be enjoying this paradise. Once up you can taste the best Cabrales cheese in the area, accompanied by a good cider.

LAGOS DE COVADONGA: At 1,100 meters above sea level you can find the famous Covadonga Lakes, the Enol and the Ercina which are the best known, and the third Lake, the Bricial, a little further away and which can only be seen in the thawing season. The photographs are impressive prints with snow.
It is important to take into account the schedules of public transport to the Lakes of Covadonga.

ALTO DE LA TORNERÍA: From Llanes the ascent to the Alto de la Turnería is short, once we are at 471 m altitude. From there there are spectacular views of the Sierra del Cuera and the coast that bathes Llanes. It seems incredible that in a few kilometers we have everything within our reach.
Views from the Alto de la Torneria

MIRADOR DEL FITU: the world at your feet you will have once you crown to reach the Mirador del Fitu, from Arriondas, the 598 m altitude. We have the Picu Pienzu at a glance with its 1,159 m and the sea at our sight also 10 km away. This is what Asturias has, ours, sea and mountain go hand in hand.

OVIEDO CON NIEVE: our beautiful capital is 250 m altitude, occasionally it is covered with snow, but especially the Naranco Mount which is 636 m, it dyes white as soon as the level of snow drops more than normal in winter. In the Naranco are two of the most important exponents of our pre-Romanesque, Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo. If we crown the mountain, the views of the city are beautiful and impressive.

Asturias in summer is wonderful, but in winter it has a special charm, on weekends, bridges, you do not need any excuse, just decide and come and enjoy paradise.