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12 Jan

Asturias is to fall in love

Fall in love in Asturias between the sea and the mountains.

Asturias is to fall in love, and more in 2.018. Year full of commemorations and centenaries that will be an incentive if you are thinking about visiting it. Here is a summary of the most important events.

Picos de Europa National Park and Biosphere Reserve.

It celebrates, fulfills neither more nor less than 100 years. It was the first park declared in Spain and the second in the world, behind that of Yellowstone. It is a unique natural space, worthy of being visited at any time of the year, in winter it has more magic, if possible. The snowy lakes are a spectacle.

Covadonga, Marian Jubilee Year and centenary of its Coronation.

In September of 1918 the Coronation of the Virgin of Covadonga was carried out, therefore this year we celebrate another centenary in Asturias. To commemorate it, the 2.108 is Mariano Jubilee Year. Covadonga is one of the most visited places, both by the Asturians themselves and by tourists.

Remember in love, the ritual of the Fountain of the 7 pipes, which is located below the Santa Cueva, the popular belief says that “The Virgin of Covadonga has a very clear source, the girl who drinks from her, within a year she marries ”

Cave of Tito Bustillo in Ribadesella, turns 50. 

One of the most visited prehistoric caves, named after one of its discoverers, Celestino Fernández Bustillo. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Another 50 years meets the Museum of the People of Asturias

50 years watching, protecting and teaching the culture and tradition of our Asturias. It is located on the banks of the Piles River in Gijón. It has a beautiful natural lagoon. Once there you can visit Gijón, a beautiful city with a lot of life.

To travel to Asturias you only need a weekend, and maybe a special date, the weekend of the lovers can be that special occasion you are looking for, to take your partner to a small hotel with few rooms.

For this plan La Casona fits perfectly as it is located a few kilometers from the most beautiful villages of Asturias.