Discover what you can do from the Casa Generosa rural house

Art, culture and nature

In the council of Llanes, a succession of soft beaches of fine sand and crystalline water extends. In many of its surroundings you can contemplate the natural phenomenon of the buffoons, where the sea can be heard to breathe and even to roar, when it forms jets of up to more than 20 meters high.

Some of the beaches have the distinction of the blue flag, such as La Franca which is only three km from La Casona and is part of the Protected Landscape of the Asturian East Coast.

In the visit to the coast are of obligatory visit: Bowls, Lastres, Ribadesella and Llanes, with the Cubes of the Memory, of Ibarrola.

For nature lovers, the Asturian landscape offers spectacular views such as: the Picos de Europa, the Cares, the Sanctuary of Covadonga (a place full of history), without forgetting the visit to the Lakes of Covadonga and the mine of Buferrera.

The proximity of the Casa Generosa rural house to the Picos de Europa, will allow you to enjoy excellent views, walks and routes along any of the paths that run through the massifs of the area (in the Picos de Europa there are 14 peaks that exceed 2,600 meters).

For lovers of prehistoric art can visit the caves of Pindal, which are the closest, but are also interesting Tito Bustillo Caves. And in Cantabria, the Soplao Caves are a unique cavity.

Finally, there is a great variety of museums, where you can discover a small part of our history, from the MUJA (Jurassic Museum of Asturias), the mysterious Idol of Peña Tú, the Ethnographic Museum of the East of Asturias-Porrúa (which recreates a traditional Asturian house with all kinds of details), the Archive of Indianos de Colombres, etc…

The location of the Casa Generosa allows you to enjoy a wide range of cultural, natural and active tourism. We will be pleased to guide you on the charming places that abound in this area. Among the many options we highlight the following:

Archive of Indianos, Colombres.
Didactic classroom of the Idolo de peña tu. The Idol of Peña tu can also be visited outdoors.
Ethnographic Museum of the East of Asturias
Bowling Museum. Bread
Museum of Covadonga
Museums of Cabranes

Natural resources
Protected landscape of the eastern coast
Protected landscape of the Sierra del Cuera
Natural monument of Bufones de Santiuste
Natural Monument of Cobijeru Complex
Natural Monument of Bufones de Arenillas
Natural Monument of Gulpiyuri Beach
Natural monument of Campo de Bufones de Pría

La Cuesta Path
Route of the Buffoons
Purón River Route
Route of the Resquilones
Route of the Quesu and the Cider

Pindal Caves
Tito Bustillo Cave
Soplao Cave
La Loja Cave
Buxu Cave
The Ardines Cave
Dolmen of Santa Cruz

As you can see, he’s got a lot to choose from. Let us help you get organized. Come and stay at the Casa Generosa. Whether you want to go to the Picos de Europa or anywhere else, we will help you locate the most interesting routes and places.