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19 Dec

Enjoy a month of December in Llanes

Give yourself a few magical days even if it’s December.

December is here … the month where hopes are renewed, where everything that is shared is shared, and what is not also … and when what is achieved and provided for what is coming is celebrated.

December is the month of the reunions, joys and yearnings.

And nothing better than enjoying all of this in Asturias, enjoying the relax, the moments, the landscapes, the flavors …

That’s why we invite you to enjoy the warmth of our fireplace, the forests with colors that will never come back, the sunsets on a beach in solitude or the cheeses with more flavor of those with more flavor of the world.

We have breakfast on the fire of the fireplace

We can start the day enjoying a spectacular breakfast in front of our fireplace, draining the embers of the previous night or starting the day, with that unique heat that provides a fireplace. Little by little, the fire will gather strength and as Mario Quintana said … from our chimney will sprout little stars.

A walk discovering new colors

The autumn in our forests acquires unique colors … yellows, ochres, oranges, green that go out. The leaves fall with parsimony and create a unique carpet. If we add to this the sound of the wind from the treetops, the offer is unbeatable: a walk through one of our forests.

It takes us to enjoy the melancholy in our forests, letting ourselves be carried away by time and a sense of inner peace that no one else can understand or long for.

A beach … in solitude

There are beaches and beaches … and many of the most romantic ones, of the most unique, are found in Asturias. Now you can enjoy them in solitude, hearing only how the waves are going and going, without more. Can you imagine that unique feeling? Now you can enjoy it and share it with just who you want and if you want, you can immortalize the moment without anyone else … or anyone else.

One recommendation … the beach of Castiellu-Pendueles. A moment you will never forget.

And finally … a party of flavor.

Milk, apples … are the products of the land that in Asturias we are able to interpret like nobody and we could not finish this trip without going through the kitchen and enjoy our cheeses unique, a little strong … or very strong and accompanied by a glass of wine and apple candy made by ourselves.