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20 Oct

New Year’s Eve passes in Asturias

Start the year enjoying nature and pure air

Spend the New Year in Asturias, decide and come to enjoy these special dates in a different way. Know the best environment in a different season, winter has its charm too.

Picture yourself in Los Lagos de Covadonga, in the Picos de Europa peaks, stepping on snow, or maybe you prefer Fuente Dé, after passing through the wonderful Villa de Potes, beautiful where las haya.

Sotres is another place of story to know in winter, at 1,050 meters altitude, it will delight lovers of landscape, the best photos of winter are taken there, surrounded by nature and hopefully, snow too …. come several days you can meet Llanes, Oviedo, Gijón, Santander … .with the joy of Christmas lighting.

Eat the grapes in a place to disconnect and at the same time rest from the routine, you will start the year with another energy.

You can request information of our special plan for New Year by clicking here or calling directly to 985 41 11 12. We will be happy to answer all your questions.