Casona rural Tresgrandas / Llanes (Asturias) - +34 985 411 112

Our Asturian livestock, a unique activity

Without a doubt, our star plan. We are the only accommodation in the area with our own livestock.

Cattle care is one of our family’s passions and is born from our ancestors.

This is an activity to enjoy with the family and to recover traditions. We offer you the possibility to come to our cattle ranch, located next to our lodgings, and to learn first hand all that we have learned during generations about these animals and their care.

We are proud to have achieved the qualification of ecological veal for our cattle farm of native Asturian race of the Valleys. In the visit you will learn how cows live, what they feed on and everything related to livestock life in Asturias.

The whole family will be able to visit the cattle in the fields during the good weather. Outdoors is where they spend most of their time. In the winter, they will visit them in the stable and we will ask them to help us with the feeding and care of the calves.